Ciencia al dia

“Science at day”

Taking advantage of the celebration of the year Feynman, we will get updated about the latest applications of nanotechnology and its impact on everyday life.
per que ens agraden

„Why do we like Disney movies?“

Caixa Forum Barcelona presents the Visual Arts Cycle "Disney. The Art of Telling Stories". In charge of Joan Marimón, scriptwriter and writer.
animals mitics

„Amerindian mythical animals“

Victòria Solanilla, doctor in Ancient History from the University of Barcelona (UB) and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), an expert in the pre-Columbian world, speaks at the Mythical Animals of Amerindia conference in the framework of the exhibition Shamans and Spirits. Treasures of the Jade Museum of Costa Rica that can be visited at the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia until July 1.
jerome friedman

Jerome Friedman: „Are we really made of quarks?“

In charge of: Jerome Friedman, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1990. The quark model, which embodied a radically new conceptual view of the structure of matter, was fiercely debated and rejected by the physical community. His definitive acceptance took more than a decade and occurred only after inescapable and convincing experimental evidence was obtained.