History, roots and presence in L’Hospitalet. This is a historical tour of the main events of the life of Martí Luter, initiator of the Reformation, and of the most important facts and characters of this historical period until today. On the occasion of the celebrations, different documents have been published around the world: stamps, coins, tickets, indulgences, commemorative objects on Luther and Reform, etc … The exhibition echoes everything and also A whole series of legal documents, photographs and testimonies of the arrival of Protestantism in L’Hospitalet from the nineteenth century to the present day. The whole set is a tool that allows us to get close to the time and the events that took place five centuries ago and that arrived very soon, in 1519, in the lands of the Catalan language. Free activity.


When:  from 13/03/2018  to  15/04/2018

Museu de L’Hospitalet – Casa Espanya

Where: C/ Joan Pallarès 38. L’Hospitalet de Llobregat