“Sharkwater” (Canada, 2006, 89 min., VOSE) contains a deep investigation on the current situation of the various species of sharks, a key element in the health of the oceans.



Joan Diabolo

Joan Ponç. Diabolo

Joan Ponç (Barcelona, 1928 – Sant Pau, 1984) was a visionary and mercurial insular artist who played an important part in the history of art of the post-war years in Catalonia and Spain.


Conciertoencanto is a one-man musical show, with a repertoire that includes more than 400 years of music history.



idea word and action

“Idea, word and action”

Lecture by Arundhati Roy (Meghalaya, 1961), an internationally acclaimed writer and activist known as much for her novels as for her non-fiction writing on politics, the environment and human rights.
lengua materna

“Lengua materna”. Dramatized reading

“Lengua materna” (“Mother tongue”) recreates the agony of this writer in the Chile of the 80’s, accompanied by a nurse she could not pay, surrounded by books and empty bottles, tormented by not having said goodbye to her daughter Brigitte, whom she abandoned as a child, and for not having received the acknowledgments she believed to be fair for her work.

Tap Jam in Parc de la Ciutadella

You will be able to enjoy the footsteps of the dancers in this Tap Jam, who with their strength and originality, freshness and spontaneity accompany the sunny Sunday afternoons.

PRBB Open Day 2017

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, in its 10th edition, will open its doors to the public on the 7th of October.

La Mercè

Barcelona hosts one more year the celebrations of La Mercè, which the philosopher Marina Garcés will open with the traditional proclamation. From the 22nd to the 25th of September the city will be filled with music, giants, food trucks and many other proposals.