Antonio Damasio converses pedrera

“Conversations in La Pedrera”

The Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera presents a new season of Converses a La Pedrera, an opportunity to get to know better personalities of the first order in the world of culture. The idea of this cycle is to learn to see and analyze the present through the eyes and speech of the guests.
Ciència al dia

Get together: “Science by day”

Taking advantage of the proximity of three indicated dates: March 21st World Forest Day, March 22nd International Water Day and March 23rd World Meteorological Day, these will be the main topics that we will as...
los sueños de la serpiente

“Los sueños de la serpiente”, by Alberto Ruy Sánchez (México)

The renowned Mexican writer and editor Alberto Ruy Sánchez, Mazatlan Award 2018, presents his latest novel, Los sueños de la serpiente. The fascinant chronicle of a century, rebuilt from the memory of one of its protagonists who reviews years of war, holocaust and extermination, but also time of creation and discovery.