AGÓN la competición de la antgua grecia

Agon! Competition in ancient Greece

This exhibition proposes an understanding of the competitive spirit in all aspects of the life of ancient Greece through a selection of treasures from the spectacular collection of the British Museum.
Darius Koehli

Darius Koehli. Inside Poblenou

This exhibition is the result of the order of the Photographic Archive of Barcelona in 2013 to the photographer Darius Koehli (Zurich, Switzerland, 1960) to photographically document Poblenou.
Lita Cabellut

Retrospective. Lita Cabellut

This exhibition which surpasses the conventional limits of painting to locate itself in the terrain of risk, gesture, and psychological portraiture laced with a latent classicism reminiscent of Goya, Velázquez and Rembrandt.

Pertegaz in diagonal

The Rocamora Foundation hosts this exhibition, a tribute to the celebrated Barcelona fashion designer of Aragonese origin Manuel Pertegaz Ibáñez.
Rue des Pyrenees

Rue des Pyrénées. Yves Bélorgey

The drawings and photographic tableaux of Yves Bélorgey (Sens, 1960) stretch the basic principles that have traditionally separated painting and photography, problematising the notions of document, mimesis and representation.
Barcelona Besos

Barcelona, Besòs view. Patrick Faigenbaum and Joan Roca

Undertaken in Barcelona and Paris, it is a testimony about the transformation of the eastern waterfront of the city of Barcelona in the early years of 21st century, looking from the periphery—the Besòs River—towards the centre.

DOCfield Barcelona

From October 19th to November 30th will take place the fifth edition of DOCfield Barcelona, the documentary photography festival of Barcelona, organized by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation.
dancing kings

Dancing Kings

Dance and movement are the protagonists of the Lys Moya photo exhibition.