A short season of documentary screenings and debates to analyse the impact that the effects of climate change will have on our food, the repercussions of the economic policies being applied to the food industry, and the environmental impact of food production. “Desierto Líquido”, Alba Azaola and Daniel Carrasco, 2016, Spain, 69’, VOSE (in Spanish with English subtitles). Filmed in Spain, Mauritania and Senegal, it analyses some of the problems of overfishing linked to the disappearance of resources and the vicious circle that underlies it all. The debate after the screening will feature the documentary’s directors, in addition to Lydia Chaparro (ecology activist and biologist specialising in marine ecology and an expert in fishing management and policy), Lamine Bathily (member of the union of “manteros”) and Gustavo Duch, the coordinator of magazine Soberanía Alimentaria. Free admission.


When: 16/01/2018   Time: 06:30 pm


Where: C/ Montalegre, 5. Barcelona