This exhibition shows the scientific and creative process of a multisensorial artist who unites colour and odour through the NOSE object. In the same way that a perfumer works with a pallet of fragrances, the artist combines a pallet of colours. For NASEVO, both pallets are the same. NASEVO is the artistic name of Ernesto Ventós, who, by trade, is a well-known creator of fragrances and, by passion, a unique kind of collector: deaf from birth, instead of looking at works of art, he smells them. His works are linguistic objects: an archetype, the nose; semantics, odour-colour; and a vessel, the styles and forms of art. In his unique way, Nasevo brings home distilled, transformational works, with the soul of a magician and alchemist. Free admission.


When: from 28/02/2018 to 02/09/2018

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Where: Pl. Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5. Parc del Fòrum. Barcelona