UIC Barcelona, more than a university

We have been teaching people based on academic rigour, university and enriching life experiences since 1997. We offer 15 degree programmes and a wide range of master’s, postgraduate and continuing education courses in highly diverse areas of knowledge.

UIC Barcelona consists of our Barcelona campus and our Sant Cugat campus which both have the same aim, to provide all services and ensure these are all conveniently connected. Our Barcelona campus hosts the vast majority of our degree programmes, and our Sant Cugat campus focuses on the healthcare field. It is in fact physically located inside a well-known hospital.

We are committed to placing each student at the heart of everything. This is our commitment to you, which we achieve via individual attention, small groups in class, a friendly teaching body, support services, and everything you need to boost your skills.

Personal guidance and coaching
At UIC Barcelona we have a personal guidance and coaching service which will help you to become who you want to be, and to develop your skills and values. This service provides knowledge from both an academic and personal perspective throughout the time students spend at our university. The programme begins with a welcome plan for first year and concludes with a professional career guidance service.

International outlook
UIC Barcelona’s international commitment is self-evident and is true of all of our activities. We are open to the world, this is demonstrated by the wide range of international agreements and mobility programmes for students, teaching staff and researchers we have available. At UIC Barcelona English is a vehicular language and you will be able to be in regular contact with the international community.

Connection to both society and the world of business
UIC Barcelona is connected to the needs of both society and businesses. We hold agreements with more than 50 companies and institutions that have placed their trust in UIC Barcelona. The teaching is practical, provided by professionals working in the field and is also complemented by a work placement programme. For all these reasons, UIC Barcelona has one of the best employment rates in the Catalan university system.

UIC Barcelona’s Academic Programmes

15 degree programmes, 11 double degree programmes and more than 80 master’s and postgraduates degree programmes in Business Administration & Management / Architecture / Communication / Law / Education / Humanities / Nursing / Physiotherapy / Medicine / Dentistry / Family / Cultural Management

General information for students

C/ Josep Trueta, s/n
Hospital General de Catalunya Building
08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès


(34) 935 042 000

C/ Immaculada, 22
08017 Barcelona


(34) 932 541 800




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