Brabo’s look offers us a personal and unique perspective on the immense everyday tragedy that occurs in these territories and invites the viewer to reflect. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq are some of the countries where Manu Brabo has set the focus of his camera and, with this exhibition, he looks for the viewer to have enough information to understand the tragedies that are happening today in the Middle East . Brabo has selected works he has done since 2011, doing a retrospective exercise through which he has found that war is a total event in himself. Any day is a graphic walk for the sad reality in which life has been transformed into a large number of inhabitants of the planet and at the same time is a reflection on the complex time in which we live. Free activity


When: until 25/03/2018     

Mercat de La Florida

Where: C/ Sevilla, 2  (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat)