Sampler Sèries and the OBC open Sónar 2018 with In C (in Do) by the American composer Terry Riley. In C is one of the capital works of musical minimalism, and was an aesthetic renewal against the serialist academicism in the United States in the 60s.

The OBC will face this open score under the artistic direction of the prestigious director and percussionist Brad Lubman. The work, consisting of 53 small numbered musical fragments, in which each musician executes, in order, the 53 fragments written with a certain degree of freedom, interacting randomly between them and following a patterned path. The result is an impressive sound mass of events that evolves on the constant drive of the Do.

Special price of 5€, selecting the discount Sampler Sèries and validating with code AL111 at the time of purchase.

When: 14/05/2018  Time: 20.00 pm

L’ Auditori 

Where: Carrer de Lepant, 150. Barcelona