Since mid-February, the Joan Miró Foundation has hosted the Beehave exhibition, a unique show composed of immersive assemblies around the world of bees and pollen insects. Now, as of March 15, this project opens up in the city with a stimulating range of actions by a dozen artists, aimed at discussing the coexistence of citizens with bees and highlighting the The environmental impact of the decline of these insects.

Beehave is a project by Martina Millà who echoes the interest of contemporary artists for honey bees and their role in the balance of the environment. The project starts at the Joan Miró Foundation with an exhibition based on immersive facilities that invite the visitor to connect with the universe of these pollen insects. As of March 15, Beehave transfers the walls of the museum with ten artistic interventions in different parts of Barcelona with the aim of activating a debate on the coexistence between humans and bees in cities. Free activities

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When: from 15/03/2018 to 17/06/2018

Different places of Barcelona 

Where: Barcelona