Terry O’Neill is responsible for a series of iconic images. For example, it was he who portrayed David Bowie with a dog standing in 1974 for his Diamond Dog album. He was also the photographer who captured the legendary snapshot of actress Faye Dunaway in his Beverly Hills pool the next day he received an Oscar award. Or the same Audrey Hepburn with sunglasses and a typical riding helmet. Preferably in a rigorous black and white, and always with maximum access to the great cultural myths of his time, O’Neill had the ability to capture the celebrities in their most extraordinary moments, and in addition to achieving their trust. For years, he made photographs of everybody that was important in land such as cinema, rock, fashion and even contemporary art. And now, an extensive meeting of his photographic works can be seen at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. This time, the Filmoteca will not be a projection space, but an improvised art gallery, because Terry O’Neill’s work was a real art. Free activity


When: from 01/03/2018 to 13/05/2018       Time: form tuesday to sunday from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Where: Plaza de Salvador Seguí, 1-9. Barcelona