The exhibition «The Pedagogical Revolution of Ferrer i Guàrdia» exposes the aims, the principles, the impact and the extend of the great work of Ferrer i Guàrdia: the Modern School, whose pedagogical model meant a real pedagogical revolution in a convulsive social context with a precarious educational system. The Modern School was based on the principles of a rational, scientific and humanitarian education, it had a universal and a secular nature, and aimed at the construction of a city of free people, promoting equality between men and women, avoiding prejudices and the existence of oppressors and oppressed. The innovative educational project of Ferrer i Guardia, along with his ideological profile anarchist, republican, freemason and freethinker, cost him his life, being executed in the Castle of Montjuïc at the beginning of the 20th century. Entrance: 5€


When: until 02/09/2018 

Castell de Montjuïc

Where: Carretera de Montjuïc 66. Barcelona