pep vidal

Who Wants To Be An Impatient Gardener?

Pep Vidal's interest in networks of systems (in plants, specifically in this project) took him to calcule their physiological aspects (color, volume, surface and so on) and to observe their interactions among them for more than a year.
Montserrat Roig

Montserrat Roig, 1977. Memory and utopia

Exhibition of homage to Montserrat Roig, writer and Catalan journalist, that coincides with the 40 years of the publication of "Els catalans als camps nazis" and "El temps de les cireres", two major works of our history and recent literature.
Puig i Cadafalch

Puig i Cadafalch, as seen by Ramon Manent

Ramon Manent i Rodon, a photographer specialising in images of art and, like Josep Puig i Cadafalch himself, from the town of Mataró, suggests his own, personal view of the architect’s works.
dones dibuixades

Women drawn

This is a dialogue, after all, in which the frames become mirrors that reflect a disturbing synthesis of change and continuity in our society.
total records

Total Records

Foto Colectania presents the exhibition Total Records, a selection of the best photographs that have never appeared on the covers of emblematic discs.

OF ONES: (R)evolution of women in music

Palau Robert presents a graphic and sound exhibition played the lead in by more than 1,000 feminine artists from all over the Catalan Countries along the last century that it shows them and at the same time is a recognition towards its contributions in this cultural area.
20 red lights

20 Red lights

Photographic exhibition where the grammars of financial capitalism are shown with images.
AGÓN la competición de la antgua grecia

Agon! Competition in ancient Greece

This exhibition proposes an understanding of the competitive spirit in all aspects of the life of ancient Greece through a selection of treasures from the spectacular collection of the British Museum.
Darius Koehli

Darius Koehli. Inside Poblenou

This exhibition is the result of the order of the Photographic Archive of Barcelona in 2013 to the photographer Darius Koehli (Zurich, Switzerland, 1960) to photographically document Poblenou.