We usually associate architects (especially those of great international prestige) to a large scale. Large buildings, skyscrapers, even cities, are the object of their creative work. But the reality is that in the place where ideas are formed, there are no scales, ideas travel from one side to another with a capacity for seduction where stimuli of all kinds have a place to develop the final project. And it will be at a certain moment of this trip, in which a sketch, an image, or a piece of paper, ends up being either a large building or a small object that makes life different. Things are not always what they seem. In this journey some visionary people, like Alessi, understood the potential and the richness of creating transversal synergies, stimulating the architects to face the design of objects. In this way everyday instruments were transformed into works of artistic value, or even converted coffee makers into manifestos. To the table! proposes a different look towards the work of these recognized international architects associated with the large scale, showing them more intimate, precisely through their designs for the smallest objects, but above all the most domestic ones, through the most common act: sit down at the table, facing what could be any Sunday family meal. Free admission.


When: from 12/06/2019 to 21/10/2019

Roca Barcelona Gallery

Where: C/ Joan Güell, 211-213. Barcelona