matisse prints

Matisse prints

The Marlborough gallery presents for the first time an individual exhibition focused exclusively on the graphic work of the artist Henri Matisse.

Poetics of emotion

The exhibition covers some ways of representing emotions from works from different periods and contexts, focusing on contemporary pieces and the similarities between different genres and periods.
phone cop

Your phone is a cop

The exhibition project consists of an interactive installation, in which users can interpret, create, make and undo sounds and images of the show conceived for Sónar by Refree and Lacuesta.

Velázquez and the Spanish Golden Age

The exhibition brings us closer to the world of Diego de Velázquez through seven works by the Sevillian master and another fifty works by great artists related to himself.

Stanley Kubrick

The exhibition presents the complete work of director Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) through large screen projections that give life to key scenes of the director's films.