joc dinfants

Children’s game

Lola Lasurt’s exhibition Joc d'infants (Children’s Game) looks back at the retrospective Miró. Barcelona 1968-69, the first contemporary art show presented at La Capella.
rajoles i oficis

Tiles and crafts. Contemporary artisan proposals

The exhibition presents a selection of tiles from trades and schools in Barcelona preserved in the Barcelona’s Museum of Design, and contrasts them with various objects by outstanding artists of the current panorama who use craft techniques to materialise their projects.
Cua davant una carboneria del carrer Balmes amb motiu de la vaga de La Canadenca, Barcelona.
Dates: 05/02/1919 - 28/02/1919
cr: ANC1-42-N-7514

The strike of La Canadenca

The exhibition details everything that happened in those days of February and March 1919 in which salary reductions and layoffs led to the first strikes in La Canadenca (name by which the Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Company, Limited, was known as it had Canadian capital), to which other companies in the sector joined. A paralysis of 70% of the local industry in Barcelona was reached, and one of the consequences was that part of Catalonia ran out of electricity.

Permanent exhibition at the Espai Subirachs

The Espai Subirachs hosts the permanent exhibition of the works that reflect the different stages of the career of Josep M. Subirachs, author of the sculptures of the Passion facade of the temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, although his work went much further.