Horta Cançó d'Autor

Horta Cançó d’Autor

Between June 18 and 20, the 20th edition of the Horta Cançó d’Autor competition will be held, with twenty semifinalist musical projects about to go on stage before the final, which will take place on the 20th at 6:00 pm.
Agora Rambles

Àgora Musical Rambles

The project Àgora Musical, within the Àgora Rambles campaign, promoted by the Barcelona City Council, programs more than 50 concerts at Plaça Reial.
Symphony cast


CaixaForum permanently offers this unique audiovisual immersive experience, thanks to virtual reality technology.


Classical music concert series.
cicle divendres jove

Divendres jove Cycle

Every Friday at 7:30 pm, the Eduard Toldrà Auditorium will host the concert proposals from the different departments of the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona.
auditori digital ang

L’Auditori digital

L’Auditori offers the premieres of the season in live streaming and also later on demand on its channel L’Auditori digital.

Dijous concert

The Dijous concert cycle returns to the Barcelona Municipal Music Conservatory, which has already accumulated more than 20 years of history.
dimarts toca ESMUC

Dimarts toca ESMUC

Tuesday is the day of the week when Esmuc shows the diversity of styles and musical formats that coexist in the centre.