Navegación segura en Internet

Safe Internet browsing

You will learn the basic precautions that must be taken to surf the internet and protect yourself from the dangers. You will know the antivirus.

Guided visit to the El Born site

With the visit to the archaeological site, we retreated 300 years ago and immersed ourselves in the city of 1700. We walked through the streets of the Ribera district where we discovered the frenetic activity of its inhabitants.
via sepulcral

Guided tour at the Roman Burial Via

Our journey begins in the Roman Plaza Vila de Madrid where in 1954, during the construction of new houses, was discovered the Roman Burial Via.
Festa Catalana

La Festa Catalana

The Festa Catalana is a regular show of popular culture and Catalan tradition that can be seen in the Gothic quarter, in order to show the wealth and vitality of popular and traditional Catalan culture to the visitors to the city.
llegim jardi

Llegim al jardí

Fancy being able to read the paper in a peaceful spot, as well as having Wi-Fi access and being outdoors? That’s what’s on offer at the Jardins Rubió i Lluch, from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm.

eBiblio: loan of eBooks

eBiblio Catalunya is a service of the Public Reading System of Catalonia that makes possible the loan of digital content to all users with card of the Catalan public libraries.