As a result of the serious problems that currently affect urban populations caused by human action or natural disasters, surprisingly, an extraordinary solution emerges from wood, which combines lightness, speed of construction and sustainability with strength and well-being to build large vertical buildings. The use of wood is supported by the exhaustive tests to which this noble material has been submitted by scientists and engineers, and by the constructions already carried out by several international architects who predict a future in which wood will compete with buildings of concrete and steel. As this exhibition shows, wood is much more resilient than we think, and the invention of sophisticated products based on reconstituted wood (known as massive wood), maximize its strength, firmness and longevity while maintaining its warmth, smell and beauty along with a great capacity to store CO2. Free entrance.


When: from 28/02/2019 to 25/05/2019

Roca Barcelona Gallery

Where: C/ Joan Güell, 211-213. Barcelona