Abat Oliba CEU University, located in Barcelona, is one of three privately run, social-initiative universities that make up the CEU educational group, established by the Catholic Association of Propagandists. Officially recognised as a university in 2003, it has more than forty years’ experience in the provision of higher education. Its current structure comprises three faculties (Law and Business; Communication, Education and Humanities; and Psychology) in which undergraduate and graduate studies are taught. Among its most distinguishing features is the satisfaction of its students and the high employability rate of its graduates, as demonstrated in various studies by independent bodies. Furthermore, as part of its commitment to the internationalisation of studies, the University also offers several degrees that are taught in two languages.

Keenly aware of the importance of the professional prospects of its students, the University has developed a teaching methodology based on classes in small groups, workshops and practical seminars, and individualised tutoring programmes. The University also offers a range of programmes for skills development and international mobility, such as internships abroad, among others, meaning students receive the best education to prepare them for the world of work, be it at home or abroad. The overall employability rate of graduate students is 95.33 % (AQU 2020 Job Placement Survey).

Abat Oliba CEU University is committed to academic and professional excellence, as well as to the comprehensive education of its students.

Reasons to study at UAO CEU
Abat Oliba CEU University is one of three universities in the CEU Group, the largest private institution of its type in Spain:
– More than 85 years forming professionals
– More than 210,000 pupils have passed through our classrooms

• 95.3% of our students find employment on completing their studies
• Area of Social and Legal Sciences: 95.9%, more than 6 points above the average of Catalan universities (89.8%).
• Psychology Area: 93.3%, the highest of the Catalan universities and more than 10 points above the average (82.9%).
Survey conducted by the AQU (Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia) in 2020.

Our students acquire language and cultural knowledge necessary to work anywhere in the world.
• 13 bilingual/English study programmes.
• Specialisation programmes in the US and Germany.
• Study visits to both national and international companies and production centres.
• More than 130 agreements established to enable students to complete part of their studies or internships at the best universities in more than 30 countries in Europe, North America (North, Central and South), Canada and Asia.

New international experience path that enables students in all degree courses to enrich their studies with an international experience from first to fourth year. International cooperation activities, academic exchanges of teachers and students, participation in international research projects and possibility of short or long study visits to foreign universities.


NOIAUAOIf you are an international student, Abat Oliba CEU University helps you obtain the documentation necessary to complete your registration (UNED accreditation or validation of qualifications) and with all necessary formalities for your transfer (NIE foreign identity number, health care, etc.).
To this end, you should contact the University Information and Guidance Service at

Service designed to help train people and prepare professionals through a truly effective system of internships and employment. The service takes companies’ needs fully into account and helps each student to bring out the best in themselves to develop their competencies and help them to achieve their professional goals. The system includes:
• Career Guidance Service
• Internship and Employment Service
• Entrepreneurial Area
• Relations with Businesses

CEU is the educational institution that awards the most grants and scholarships to its students.


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