The exhibition presents the month-long journey covering a large part of Spanish territory, carried out by Miquel Utrillo, an engineer, painter and art critic and the head of the project; Xavier Nogués, a draughtsman and painter, and Francesc Folguera and Ramon Reventós, both architects, to collect visual documents for the architectural project to build Montjuïc’s Poble Espanyol. They brought together over a thousand photographs and sketches which were used for its construction. The work began in January 1928 and the building process was also the subject of photographic reports. The Poble Espanyol was officially opened in May 1929 as part of the Barcelona International Exposition. Free entrance.


When: from 10/11/2020 to 25/04/2021

Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona

Where: Pl. de Pons i Clerch, 2. Barcelona