Jesús de Vilallonga (Santa Coloma de Farners, 1927-Barcelona, 2018) is one the best kept secrets of Catalan painting from the second half of the twentieth century. His artwork is a very personal synthesis of diverse currents such as surrealism, symbolism and mannerism, with which he reworks a lyrical figuration with a dreamlike matrix, and opposes the predominance of abstraction and informalism at an international level. Through L’ull interior (The inner eye), exhibition curated by his daughter Marta de Vilallonga, the Fundació Vila Casas wishes to remember and pay homage to the career of this unique artist.

The exhibition L’amistat infinita (Infinite friendship), curated by Glòria Bosch and Susanna Portell, is a much-needed homage to two people and the infinite friendship which grow, day by day, between the sculptor-pedagogue Àngel Ferrant (1891–961) and the cultural promoter Xavier Vidal de Llobatera (1894–1963). The correspondence between the two friends from November 1946 to June 1961, composes the narrative of this exhibition with examples of friendship and cultural collaborations alongside approaches and projects which are, in Ferrant’s own words, a product of “the most repulsive aesthetics and the most typical official intrigue”.

A tot li cal una paret (Everything needs a wall) is an exhibition about Pere Noguera commissioned by Vicenç Altaió. Born in la Bisbal d’Empordà (Girona) in 1941, Noguera became successful as an artist alongside the period of conceptual art and the limits of the so-called “death of art”. He was soon noted for his radical research into the processes and poor materials in the alternative spaces in the eighties and nineties in the twentieth century (Vinçon, Fundació Joan Miró, Metrònom, etc.), and the art galleries (Santa Mònica, Fundació Tàpies, etc.) at the beginning of the twenty-first century. By using objects that have lost their meaning or use, Noguera builds from the base of the language of art – form, material, research, the natural order, chance and method – an original and rigorous art about nothing, this is, the thing and the cause.

Joint general admission to the three exhibitions: € 5. Reduced admission: € 3.


When: from 17/09/2020 to 20/12/2020

Espais Volart

Where: C/ Ausiàs Marc, 22. Barcelona