Emotional intelligence

The society in which we live raises us a constant need for adaptation to increasingly complex situations. To face this demand in a satisfactory way and to enjoy all of our potential as human beings, we must identify our own competences for life; the specific strengths that allow us to coexist kindly and effectively with our emotions and behaviors.
Palau Macaya

Cyberwar and cybersecurity under the big data

Lecture by Margarita Robles Carrillo, professor of Public International Law and International Relations, Network Engineering & Security Group (NESG) research group at the University of Granada, and Ángel Gómez de Agreda, colonel of the Air Force and geopolitical analyst of the Ministry of Defense.
Palau Macaya

Who controls information and media?

Lecture by Milagros Pérez Oliva, journalist of the newspaper El País and professor at UPF and UAM, and Josef Trappel, head of the Communication Research Department and professor at the University of Salzburg.
bernardo atxaga

Arrautza, ou, huevo, oeuf, egg

The writer Bernardo Atxaga will share his thoughts on the need to safeguard and strengthen linguistic diversity in the world.

Face to face with robots

The series of conferences looks to the future and reflects on the impact of the technological revolution on various aspects of our lives: the world of work, health, decision-making, human intelligence in the face of artificial , affective relationships or the fusion of humans with technology. Where are the limits?