escola pública

Open Doors in Public School

This exhibition, curated by the professor and scholar Joan Domènech Francesch, is an initiative of the Department of Education in collaboration with the Palau Robert.

The Català, photographers of a century

This exhibition allows us to delve into the enormous legacy of Pere Català i Pic, Francesc Català-Roca and Pere Català i Roca, the greatest exponents of photography in Catalonia.
LUX 2020

LUX Awards 2020

The Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC) shows the three winning works in the LUX Professional Photography Awards in each of the eleven categories, which stand out for the originality and technical quality of the compositions, and a special series on lockdown.


Twenty years after the celebration of the Gaudí Year, the National Museum faces a critical review of the architect's work, with a large-format exhibition that brings together more than 650 architectural, design and furniture objects, works of art, documentation, plans and photographs, moves away from the clichés and proposes a complete review of his career.
Alimentar Barcelona

Feeding Barcelona. City, supply and health

The exhibition reviews the historical evolution of the forms and institutions of government that have influenced the supply of the city and have intervened in the health care of citizens.

Permanent exhibition at the Espai Subirachs

The Espai Subirachs hosts the permanent exhibition of the works that reflect the different stages of the career of Josep M. Subirachs, author of the sculptures of the Passion facade of the temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, although his work went much further.