The exhibition wants to pay tribute to photojournalists who are risking their lives in armed conflicts, natural disasters or autarchical regimes. “Creators of Consciousness” includes the work of 40 photojournalists, some with a long career, like Gervasio Sánchez, Kim Manresa, Sergi Cámara or Clemente Bernad and others a bit younger, such as Javier Corso, Manu Brabo, Samuel Aranda, Bernat Armangué or Lurdes Basolí. The 120 photographs that are shown in the exhibition have been published in the world’s most important media. The pictures show disturbing realities of far-off places such as Syria, Colombia, Venezuela, Iraq, Egypt, etc., and also situations that we can find in our own neighbourhood or city. Some of the photographers that exhibit have done their work in the same city they live in. All the photographs are treated with seriousness and rigour, and with a special soul and magic. The exhibition, in addition to stirring consciences in order to stop people from disregarding injustices, abuses and human pain, pays tribute to a generation of photojournalists who have shown with images the significant moments in recent history, at times in precarious situations and assuming risks. Free admission.


When: from 07/09/2018 to 10/02/2019

Palau Robert

Where: Pg. de Gràcia, 107. Barcelona