Between two waters is an intimate and contemporary chronicle about the eternal struggle of men to exist and reinvent themselves, despite the stereotyped requirements of a world that is globalized rapidly. With his images, the Franco-Catalan photojournalist Miquel Dewever-Plana takes us to remote Amerindian villages of French Guiana whose daily reality is marked by the duality between customs and modernity. Today, the Amerindians are at a decisive moment in their history and must begin this journey to reach the other shore and join this other modern and developed world, more by imposition than by choice. What will they carry with them? What will they keep of their identity, their culture, their knowledge and their collective memory? Is it possible to be both Native American and French? Thus, Between two waters is a visual chronicle of the Wayana of the village of Taluen and the Wayãpi and the Teko of Camopi, whose daily reality transits between respect for customs, the trauma of colonization and the fascination for the West. Free entrance.


When: from 25/02/2020 to 05/2020

Casa América

Where: C/ Còrsega, 299, entresuelo. Barcelona