Terry Virts: human exploration of Mars

To advance human exploration of Mars, one of the most ambitious challenges in space exploration, NASA’s Artemis mission will be key. Its objective? Take humans back to the Moon, as our natural satellite offers a close and safe testing platform to develop technologies that will be essential for complex missions to the Red Planet. In this lecture, Colonel Terry Virts, a former NASA astronaut, will talk about the challenges and opportunities this exciting program represents, and explain what the robots have found and how NASA’s Artemis mission could be a preparation for a future trip to Mars. By Terry Virts, former NASA astronaut. Graduate in Mathematical Sciences from the United States Air Force Academy, master’s degree in Aeronautical Sciences from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Colonel of the US Air Force, popularizer and author of National Geographic. Admission: €6 (it includes museum admission).


When: 28/09/2023   Time: 7pm


Where: C/ Isaac Newton, 26. Barcelona