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UIC Barcelona
At UIC Barcelona, we have been educating people through academic rigour, university life and enriching life experiences since 1997. In our facilities we offer 14 bachelor’s degree programmes, 12 international double degrees and a wide range of master’s, postgraduate and continuing education courses in numerous areas of knowledge.
We have two campuses: the Barcelona Campus, which hosts the majority of our degree programmes, and the Sant Cugat Campus, which specialises in health and is located inside the renowned Hospital General de Catalunya.
We are committed to putting each student at the centre of the learning process. To do so, we provide individual attention, a close relationship with the teaching body, support services and everything you need to maximise your skills.

Personal guidance
At UIC Barcelona, we have a personal guidance service that will help you become who you want to be, developing your skills and values. This service enhances the students education from both an academic and personal perspective throughout their time at the university: the programme begins with a Welcome Plan in year one and concludes with career guidance.

International outlook
Our international commitment stems from our name and is present in all our activities. We are open to the world; something patent in our broad network of international agreements and mobility programmes for students, teaching staff and researchers. At UIC Barcelona, you have the opportunity to take several degrees in English and take part in numerous activities with the international community.

Connection to society and business
UIC Barcelona is conscious of the needs of society and companies. We have 2,985 work placement agreements with companies and institutions, as well as 11 business chairs and sponsored classrooms. We promote hands-on teaching, with lecturers who are also active professionals. As a result, UIC Barcelona has one of the best employment rates in the Catalan university system.

UIC Barcelona’s Academic Programmes

14 bachelor’s degrees, 12 international double degrees and over 80 master’s and postgraduate degrees in Business Administration and Management / Architecture / Communication / Law / Education / Humanities / Nursing / Physiotherapy / Medicine / Dentistry / Family Studies / Cultural Management

General information for students

C/ Josep Trueta, s/n
Hospital General de Catalunya Building
08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès


(34) 935 042 000

C/ Immaculada, 22
08017 Barcelona


(34) 932 541 800


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