Open to the world and focusing on all-round training, the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) offers degree courses in the fields of Science, Education, Business, Health, Biosciences, Engineering, Humanities, Design and Communication. In its city-university environment UVic-UCC attaches great importance to the teacher-student relationship, integrated training and employment prospects. At the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia we defend values associated with the unity of all knowledge and training based on science, research and technological innovation to enhance progress and quality of life.

By choosing to study or do research in Vic you will have an experience of quality and university life in a town on a human scale.

The International Campus is an umbrella for international UVic-UCC activities, teacher mobility and exchange schemes, postgraduate courses, research, continuing education and international cooperation projects.

Thirty-one research groups, five research and knowledge transfer centres and thirteen chairs carry forward UVic- UCC research activity.

Study Abroad – Programmes in Barcelona
The courses below are for university students who wish to spend a few weeks at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) in Barcelona to broaden their studies in the areas of business, innovation and design. This innovative training does not come under any of the standard mobility programmes and international cooperation schemes. UVic-UCC offers three different types of programmes.

1. Academic year / Semester programme
This programme is aimed at international students who wish to spend one or two semesters in Barcelona and in Vic. UVic-UCC offers Spanish courses that can be combined with other elective courses in English in the fields of Business, Design & Innovation or Engineering.

2. Tailored courses
UVic-UCC offers tailored courses for groups of international students and teachers in the fields of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Experimental Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Health Sciences. The programmes can be exclusively academic or combined with cultural visits and sightseeing.

3. International Summer Term
There are full-time programmes with practical seminars, field activities and a range of off-campus activities held in Barcelona during summer time:
* Spanish Language and culture in Barcelona
* Marketing and Business 4.0
* Mediterranean Ecosystems: Biodiversity, Threats and Conservation Actions

For further information: www.uvic.cat/en/international/study-abroad


C/ Sagrada Família, 7
08500 Vic (Barcelona)


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International Relations Area

C/ Sagrada Família, 7
08500 Vic (Barcelona)


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Study Abroad Programs in BCN

BAU, Design College of BCN
C/ Pujades, 118
08005 Barcelona


(34) 938 815 522




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