If we let talk the stones would tell us about shops leading to the Bornet, artisans in the street of the bellies or street lambs of viola, on neighboring consuls of dockers in the street Bonaire, on cheats and rogues the triquets. We go into the past and see the remains of the old house of the Snow, the traces of the jars of the tavern of the bachelors, the casting furnace of the Boixadors transformed into a liquor factory, the latrine of the fifth councilor of the city … We let ourselves be fascinated by the stories of a city full of life that suffered several sieges intensely and that was the scene of the last beats of the War of Succession. We live the life of a neighborhood affected by the order to demolish more than 5,000 houses, which forced the owners themselves to tear down their own homes. The visit to the site is undoubtedly an experience that leaves its mark. Price: € 5.50


When: from 04/09/2018 to 30/12/2018

From tuesday to fridays at 5.30 pm  –  Weekend: 06.30 pm

El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria

When: Plaça Comercial, 12. Barcelona