Inclús Festival

The Barcelona International Film and Disability Festival was created with the intention of promoting audiovisual works on functional diversity and publicizing the reality of people with disabilities in a constructive way.
dioses magos y sabios las colecciones privadas de los artistas cat1

Gods, magicians and sages

This exhibition presents an unprecedented experience: it shows the work of ten artists from the ”la Caixa” Foundation's Contemporary Art Collection together with objects from their personal collections.
neo neurociencia

NEO Neuroscience

In the year Santiago Ramón y Cajal, considered the father of neuroscience, CosmoCaixa pays special attention to the beautiful drawings he made to thoroughly illustrate his discoveries about the nervous system and develop the so-called "neuron doctrine".

Barcelona Districte Cultural

The 12th edition of Barcelona Districte Cultural will offer 230 performances of performing arts, music and audiovisuals in 34 venues spread throughout the city.

Guided tours at TNC

From this January you can get to know the facilities of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya through guided tours that will allow you to discover corners known only by artists and staff, such as dressing rooms, warehouses, rehearsal rooms and other.
sant jordi de nadal

Sant Jordi de Nadal

One more year, the Old Estrella Damm Factory hosts the Christmas literary event.
fabra i coats

Guided tours in Fabra i Coats

The Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona offers guided tours on the first and third Sunday of each month in which you can learn about its past and, above all, its present as a venue for cultural innovation.