The philosophers Vinciane Despret and Donna Haraway combine their voices in this audio-visual piece by the filmmaker Diana Toucedo, based on two of their fabulations: Haraway’s “The Camille Stories”, and “Autobiographie d’un poulpe”, by Despret. Filmed like an oral tale and a correspondence between the two narrators and their stories, the film follows the ways of living and dying among communities on a damaged planet and their growing proficiency in a new field of scientific knowledge: “terolinguistics”, or the study of animal languages. French and English OV with Catalan subtitles. Free activity. Booking here.


When: 04/07/2021, 17/07/2021, 31/07/2021, 07/08/2021, 21/08/2021, 05/09/2021, 18/09/2021 and 02/10/2021   Time: 06:30 pm


Where: C/ Montalegre, 5, Auditorium. Barcelona