Som Elèctrics! Congress

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia hosts the seventh edition of the congress Som Elèctrics!, dedicated to energy, its present and its future.
charmeu agenda

CHARM-EU Conference

CHARM-EU, alliance between the UB -which is the project leader-, Trinity College Dublin, Utrecht University, the University of Montpellier and Eötvös Loránd University, in Budapest, invites you to join the 3rd annual conference “Looking back and looking forward: the European Universities’ multi-level effect” the next 13-14 December in Barcelona.

DART 2022

Barcelona will host the sixth edition of the Documentary Film Festival on Contemporary Art. Dart is the meeting point between film, art and the public in Spain and Latin America, through documentaries on photography, art curatorship, painting, performance, architecture and art movements.
neo neurociencia

NEO Neuroscience

In the year Santiago Ramón y Cajal, considered the father of neuroscience, CosmoCaixa pays special attention to the beautiful drawings he made to thoroughly illustrate his discoveries about the nervous system and develop the so-called "neuron doctrine".


The Barcelona Independent Film Festival is around the corner. It is a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy screenings and activities that value creative freedom, diversity, innovation, commitment and thought-provoking reflection.
nanotecnologia i etica

« Nanotechnology and Ethics » cycle

The Libraries of Barcelona offer this cycle dedicated to nanotechnology, a set of technologies that operate on the nanoscale and that have become the industrial revolution of the 21st century.
Debates Vanguardia

Avant-garde debates

In the Avant-garde debates cycle, leading professionals and experts from national and international centres that receive funds through ”la Caixa” Foundation's Research Program present their most cutting-edge results at CosmoCaixa.

CosmoCaixa live talks

What do we know about pandemics? Does technology make us human? What synergies exist between art and science? What was the cuisine of the Paleolithic? Find out the answer to these and other questions in the CosmoCaixa Live Talks.