cervell desconegut

Our brain, a great unknown

Various libraries of Barcelona are hosting the Visions of Science series of talks dedicated to the brain.

Argumenta BCN 2022

Four local facilities – Casa Golferichs, Navas, Torre Llobeta and Vil la Florida – are taking part in the second edition of Argumenta BCN promoted by the Network of Civic Centres of Barcelona.
Debates Vanguardia

Avant-garde debates

In the Avant-garde debates cycle, leading professionals and experts from national and international centres that receive funds through ”la Caixa” Foundation's Research Program present their most cutting-edge results at CosmoCaixa.

CosmoCaixa live talks

What do we know about pandemics? Does technology make us human? What synergies exist between art and science? What was the cuisine of the Paleolithic? Find out the answer to these and other questions in the CosmoCaixa Live Talks.