The Barcelona of major sports events

Casa Seat invites you to a new session of The New Barcelona Moments Estel·lars, organized by The New Barcelona Post to learn about the Barcelona of major sporting events and how they have been a lever for international branding.
El estat actual de la politica del clima cat2

The current state of climate policy

Conference by Marta Torres Gunfaus, Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales and member of the Committee of Experts on Climate Change of the Parliament of Catalonia.


The International Creativity, Art and Digital Design Festival in Barcelona is back to show the latest trends in the field of creativity and design and brings together the main voices of the creative industry.
REACT 2023

Barcelona 2023 REACT

The debates of the third edition of the conference on economic recovery will be held on how the major projects and actions being carried out are shaping the Barcelona we want for 2030: an innovative, sustainable and equitable city.
llegir la ciència

Read science

The sessions in this cycle, organized by Barcelona City Council, will focus on reading and reflecting through a series of talks and proposals given by professionals from the world of science who have published books, to bring the fruit of their research closer to the public.
Debates Vanguardia

Avant-garde debates

In the Avant-garde debates cycle, leading professionals and experts from national and international centres that receive funds through ”la Caixa” Foundation's Research Program present their most cutting-edge results at CosmoCaixa.

CosmoCaixa live talks

What do we know about pandemics? Does technology make us human? What synergies exist between art and science? What was the cuisine of the Paleolithic? Find out the answer to these and other questions in the CosmoCaixa Live Talks.