Krzysztof kieslowski

Krzysztof Kieślowski: footprints of memory

The exhibition, produced by the Lodz Cinematography Museum (Muzeum Kinematografii w Łodzi) and Instytut Polski w Madrycie (the Polish Institute of Culture in Madrid) and which now houses the Filmoteca de Catalunya, documents the artistic career of the director.
barri catedral bombes

1938. The Cathedral district under the bombs

2018 marked the eighty years of the bombing suffered by Barcelona in 1938. The Casa dels Entremesos, the Barcelona Center for Disemination and Production of Popular Culture of Traditional Catalan Origin, wants to pay homage to those who lived it with this exhibition.
ciutat passatges

The city of the passages. Before the Via Laietana

Selection of the award-winning photographs in the contest of drawings and photographs that the City Council convened at the end of January 1908 with the aim of documenting all the streets, squares and diverse spaces that had to disappear with the opening of Via Laietana.

Richard Learoyd. The silence of the dark camera

In a time when photography has become trivial and ubiquitous, Richard Learoyd's photographs are uniquely captivating. The exhibition, which covers the last ten years of his work, is organized by Fundación MAPFRE and curated by Sandra Philips and includes 51 works from important public and private collections and the photographer's own studio.
democracia al carrer

Democracy in the street

El Born Cultural and Memorial Center, in co-production with the Photographic Archive of Barcelona, presents the exhibition “Democracy in the street. Political photography of the SE-GRÀ collective. 1977-1980”, within the framework of the program to commemorate the 40th anniversary of democratic city councils.

Fashion and dressmakers

A job, deployed mainly by women, which was a platform for female emancipation in the work and business field, as well as the creative one.
Millor disseny

The Best Design of the Year

The collective exhibition includes the finalist works of the different awards organized by the associations of the FAD (Promotion of Arts and Design) and consists of nearly 500 works endorsed by professional designers based on the criteria of excellence, originality and conceptual innovation.


An exhibition that provides the keys to understand the principles of quantum physics through art, creativity and science.