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XV Barcelona Film and Human Rights Festival

With 15 years of history, the Barcelona Film and Human Rights Festival is set up as the oldest independent human rights festival in the country, with a great reputation at European and international level.
Indifest 2018

IndiFest 2018 – XI Indigenous cinema show in barcelona

One of the "alternatives" NGO projects open to the public since 2006 is the IndiFest Indigenous Film Festival of Barcelona, where indigenous audiovisuals are screened with the direct participation of representatives and / or indigenous communicators; as a way of linking citizenship and local actions with global realities, visibilizing the reality of peoples and enhancing knowledge and exercising their rights.


The El Clot-Josep Benet Library, located in the Disseny Hub building in Barcelona, hosts the B-Anime film festival. The purpose of the festival is to give visibility to unpublished anime premieres in Barcelona, productions of great artistic quality that have been selected and/or awarded at different festivals around the world, works that are difficult to access and that for commercial reasons do not reach the cinemas in our city.

The finalist films of the 2016 LUX Prize at the Filmoteca

Since 2007, the European Parliament awards the LUX Film Prize annually to films that, through their stories, contribute to the European public debate, addressing issues such as solidarity, economic crisis, immigration, justice, public freedoms or fundamental rights. At the November plenary session, in Strasbourg, the president of the Eurocambra announces the name of the winning feature.

Cycle: “The game of cinema”

When Orson Welles defined cinema as "the largest electric train that a child can have", he did nothing more than demonstrate the recreational aspect of seventh art. Free entry