Lecture by Christian Laval, Professor of Sociology at the Université Paris-Nanterre and student of the work of Michel Foucault, and subsequent discussion with Ferran Aisa Pàmpols, historian, poet and journalist, as well as history professor, documentarian, curator and collaborator from magazines and newspapers like La Vanguardia. The events called revolutions, of which the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution are maximum exponents, occupy an eminent place in our history and continue to constitute benchmarks of memory construction. The way of reading them still determines and is conditioned at the same time by the versions that have been established, inevitably, based on present interests and sedimented traditions. A rereading is even possible and necessary. This rereading, in the proposal of Christian Laval, calls into question misleading myths, reviews the meaning of the Bolshevik speeches as well as their effective practices and allows establishing a critical distance with other popular insurrections of the twentieth century such as the Mexican Revolution and even some episodes of the Civil War. With simultaneous translation French-Catalan. Free entry.


When: 21/11/2019   Time: from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

El Born Centre Cultural i de Memòria

Where: C/ Comercial, 5. Barcelona