The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the most balanced, complete and healthy food combinations and prevents cardiovascular diseases, cancers and other conditions related to oxidation. Despite this, there is a progressive abandonment of the Mediterranean diet due to the influence of unhealthy habits. The very high rates of obesity and the increase in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are one of the consequences of this. Anna Bach, PhD from the University of Barcelona in the field of Public Health and Master in Nutritional Public Health from the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) will detail the basic pillars that characterize the Mediterranean diet and the scientifically proven benefits it has on our health. Later, the chef of high cuisine Ariadna Julián, will explain in a practical way how we can incorporate to our diet foods and habits that improve our health. Admission: €5 (50% discount for CaixaBank customers).


When: 23/01/2019   Time: 7:00pm


Where: C/ Isaac Newton, 26. Barcelona