Grand Bizarre

“The Grand Bizarre”

Animated film literally made up of clothing and Jodie Mack’s first experimental animation film.

Film series: “Iran 40 years”

Casa Asia collaborates once again with the Cultural Ministry of the Embassy of the R.I. of Iran and the Farabi Foundation of Tehran, to celebrate the last 40 years of history of this country with representative images of a society in continuous transformation.
phone cop

Your phone is a cop

The exhibition project consists of an interactive installation, in which users can interpret, create, make and undo sounds and images of the show conceived for Sónar by Refree and Lacuesta.
tarta relena

Tarta Relena

Concert within the cycle Els Vespres d'Hivern of UB.
liceu jam sessions

Liceu Big Band with Sergi Vergés

Once a month, lovers of jazz and Barcelona nightlife have a date at the Conservatori Café, where a musical and gastronomic evening full of rhythm and energy awaits you with the band conducted by Sergi Vergés.
accio i reflexio

Fake news: disinformation or cheating culture

Fake news threaten the credibility of accredited media. Is it a problem of the issuer's ethics or the receiver's lack of criteria? What is the role of mass information technologies? Conversation within the Action & Reflection.
Woyzeck (Fotografies de Promoció) / Companyia: Parking Shakespeare.
Fotògraf: © Aitor Rodero.
Aquestes fotografies tenen drets de copyright. NO POTS descarregar-les ni fer-les servir sense el meu permís. Si vols adquirir-les y fer ús d'elles contacta amb mi en aquest e-mail:


The company Parking Shakespeare begins the celebrations of its 10 years of history recovering one of the successes of winter: “Woyzeck”, the groundbreaking posthumous piece by Georg Büchner (1813-1837).

Tap Jam in Parc de la Ciutadella

You will be able to enjoy the footsteps of the dancers in this Tap Jam, who with their strength and originality, freshness and spontaneity accompany the sunny Sunday afternoons.

Open day at municipal orchards

Con motivo de la Bienal Ciudad y Ciencia, las huertanas y hortelanos de los huertos públicos explicarán qué tipo de hortalizas se pueden cultivar en la ciudad.

City and Science Biennial

To facilitate the dissemination of the scientific knowledge generated in Barcelona and to strengthen its bond with citizens, from 7th to 11th February, the City and Science Biennial will be held in numerous facilities in all the districts.