Annals Sant Pau

The Annals of the Hospital, means of dissemination of the medical care

Coinciding with the publication of the book “The historical evolution of the Annals of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (1920-1990)”, its author, Dr. Jesús Sauret i Valet, analyses the importance of the magazine “Annals of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau” in the day-to-day life of care staff and patients.
Christian Laval

Christian Laval: the past appropiates the present. The shadow of the Russian Revolution

This rereading, in the proposal of Christian Laval, calls into question misleading myths, reviews the meaning of the Bolshevik speeches as well as their effective practices and allows establishing a critical distance with other popular insurrections of the twentieth century such as the Mexican Revolution and even some episodes of the Civil War.
presentación guías arquitectonicas

Presentation “Architectural guides of New York, Rome and Tokyo”

The architect Octavi Mestres has published a series of books where he analyzes the architectural style of capitals such as Rome, New York or Tokyo so that non-experts can enjoy and get to know the heritage that dresses with tradition and avant-garde art these great cities.