lente transgénero

The Transgender Lens

Susan Stryker, activist and historian of the struggles for the rights of the LGBTI collective, will explore the concept of “transgender”, not as an identity but, rather, to understand it as a lens that reveals self and world in new ways.
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Between the page and the frame

The renowned writer and filmmaker from Madrid, David Trueba, author of the successful novel "Tierra de campos", will shed his literary and cinematographic referents.

The art of amezaiku, Japanese candy sculptures

The artisan and specialist of the Tokyo Ameshin Workshop, Shinri Tezuka, will present in this talk-demonstration the millenary art of the Japanese candy sculptures in which we will be able to observe the speed and precision that this traditional technique requires, whose origins go back 1300 years.

Nanocrystals by biomedical imaging

Thanks to advances in the field of nanotechnology, at the beginning of the XXI century it was possible to grow the smallest crystals in the world.

Recent volcanic eruptions, lessons to learn

The talk will try to explain in terms of didactics how terrestrial vulcanism works and how it affects us daily and how we do to study their eruptions and products and, to the extent possible, to avoid their adverse effects on the population and the infrastructures.