phone cop

Your phone is a cop

The exhibition project consists of an interactive installation, in which users can interpret, create, make and undo sounds and images of the show conceived for Sónar by Refree and Lacuesta.
requiem norma

Requiem for the norm

This is the first international monographic exhibition dedicated to the work of Lorenza Böttner, an artist who painted with her feet and mouth and who used photography, drawing and public performance as ways of building herself a body, both politically and vitally, and to defend her right to exist freely against repression and the institutionalism to which transgender and functionally diverse bodies are subjected.
la huella familiar

The Family Imprint

The Family Imprint explains how the photographer Nancy Borowick captures with her camera and with black and white photographs and with the sensitivity and feelings of a daughter, the last years of the life of her parents, who received treatment at the same time for an advanced cancer.

The comic explosion

The aim of the exhibition is to offer a faithful photograph of the birth and golden age of press comics in the United States, as well as to look for their influences in the comics that, since the thirties, were made in our country.
Catalunya terra cooperativa

Catalonia, cooperative land

The exhibition aims to compile and make visible the experiences of cooperation, practices with a notable socioeconomic, territorial and cultural impact, with a constant and relevant presence to this day.

Velázquez and the Spanish Golden Age

The exhibition brings us closer to the world of Diego de Velázquez through seven works by the Sevillian master and another fifty works by great artists related to himself.

Stanley Kubrick

The exhibition presents the complete work of director Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) through large screen projections that give life to key scenes of the director's films.