Comic. Dreams and history

This exhibition offers a tour of some of the best comics in history and delves into the comic production process, from conceptualization and drawing to the final printing of the work.

Revela’T 2022

Revela’T, international photography festival, positions itself as an international benchmark in contemporary analog photography.

Solar Portraits

In this project, which began in Myanmar in 2014, Salgado Escudero portrays people and communities from Asia, Africa, America and Europe only illuminated by solar lamps to vindicate the transformative power of electricity production from solar energy.
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Bromoil prints. Pictorialist photography

Exhibition dedicated to the doctor and photographer Joaquim Pla Janini (Tarragona, 1879 - Barcelona, 1970), at the gazebo of the Barcelona Maritime Museum, which shows the relationship between the author's work, pictorialist photography and the sea.

The Català, photographers of a century

This exhibition allows us to delve into the enormous legacy of Pere Català i Pic, Francesc Català-Roca and Pere Català i Roca, the greatest exponents of photography in Catalonia.
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Feeding Barcelona. City, supply and health

The exhibition reviews the historical evolution of the forms and institutions of government that have influenced the supply of the city and have intervened in the health care of citizens.

Permanent exhibition at the Espai Subirachs

The Espai Subirachs hosts the permanent exhibition of the works that reflect the different stages of the career of Josep M. Subirachs, author of the sculptures of the Passion facade of the temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, although his work went much further.