nit dels museus

La Nit dels Museus

This year’s edition will start on the afternoon of May 15, and will feature 74 cultural spaces within Barcelona ans its surroundings.

Mars. The Red Mirror

Science, art and literature come together in a major exhibition project curated by Juan Insua.

Guillén, magic in the scenic space

Guillén, a satirical cartoonist, painter and stage designer with a long and prolific career, is a visual creator at the service of the performing arts and social and political criticism.
guerra infinita

The Endless War. Antoni Campañà

The exhibition reveals the different facets of the work of the photographer Antoni Campañà (Arbúcies, 1906 – Sant Cugat del Vallès, 1989), focusing on the photographs that he took during the Spanish Civil War, which his family found by chance in 2018.

Mary Ellen Mark. The lives of Women

Exhibition of images taken by this photojournalist during the second half of the 20th century, who was characterised by her innovation and her vivid captures, as well as to portray people, especially women, in complex and difficult situations.
mirada captiva

The Captive Gaze

The exhibition features 104 images from the collection of daguerreotypes of the Center for Image Research and Diffusion (CDRI) of Girona City Council, one of the most notable of its kind thanks to the variety and importance of the pieces.
claudia andujar

Claudia Andujar

KBr FundaciónMAPFRE hosts the largest exhibition to date dedicated to the work of Brazilian artist Claudia Andujar, who, for more than five decades, has dedicated her life to taking photographs and protecting the Yanomami, one of the largest and most endangered indigenous groups in Brazil.

Permanent exhibition at the Espai Subirachs

The Espai Subirachs hosts the permanent exhibition of the works that reflect the different stages of the career of Josep M. Subirachs, author of the sculptures of the Passion facade of the temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, although his work went much further.