The 21st Internationl Fetsival of Short Films and Animation of Barcelona is here. This time it has prepared a programme that gathers the latest and highest quality works from the international scene, selected from more than 5,000 submissions and received from 110 countries all over the world.
somiar futur

Dream the Future: Agriculture

Dream the Future is a series produced by About Premium Content and broadcast in Spain on Canal Odisea. It explores what our life will be like in 2050.

“La pyramide humaine”

Filmed by the filmmaker and ethnologist Jean Rouch and by the hand of a group of African and European teenagers, this unique film (year 1961, Ivory Coast and France, VOSE, 90 min.) is presented as a vital and cinematographic experience, a fabulation documentary to show how, in Abidjan, blacks and whites can get to understand each other and live together.

IMAGINEINDIA Indian Cinema 2017-2018

Casa Asia presents a new film cycle with a selection of films made between 2017 and 2018, with India as the axis of a panorama, of the daily life of individuals representing large majorities.