This year is the centenary of one of the most important strikes in the history of Catalonia, that of La Canadenca (name by which the Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Company, Limited, was known as it had Canadian capital). The strike resulted in the reduction of the workday to eight hours a day throughout Spain, the first country in the world that established it by law. The exhibition details everything that happened in those days of February and March 1919 in which salary reductions and layoffs led to the first strikes, to which other companies in the sector joined. A paralysis of 70% of the local industry in Barcelona was reached, and one of the consequences was that part of Catalonia ran out of electricity. The Spanish Government sent troops to Barcelona and the prisons were filled with strikers. Free admission.


When: from 22/11/2019 to 13/09/2020

History Museum of Catalonia

Where: Pl. de Pau Vila, 3. Barcelona