Marie Curie

“Marie Curie”

Screening of the film “Marie Curie” (dir. Marie Noëlle, 2016).

“Las muertes chiquitas”

The documentary film “Las muertes chiquitas” (2010) by Mireia Sallarès brings together interviews or conversations with more than 30 women from various areas of Mexico.
asier olabarrieta

Jam Session. Asier Olabarrieta

The Café of the Conservatory hosts every Thursday the Jam Sessions of the Department of Jazz and Modern Music, which have established themselves as an indispensable actor of the Barcelona night and the jazz offer of our city.
lhora del jazz

L’Hora del Jazz

On Sundays of September, black music will be installed in the Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, and will offer free and quality concerts.
transformació digital

Conference “Technologies for the digital transformation of companies”

La Salle-URL organizes a conference of the Master in Technologies for Digital Transformation in which, recognized experts from IBM, Doxa I&S and La Salle, will announce the potential of artificial intelligence for digital transformation as well as Smart cities and the main challenges of cities today.

Tap Jam in Parc de la Ciutadella

You will be able to enjoy the footsteps of the dancers in this Tap Jam, who with their strength and originality, freshness and spontaneity accompany the sunny Sunday afternoons.
la merce

La Mercè 2019

Barcelona celebrates La Mercè festival from September 20 to 24.
Open Day

Open Day 2019

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, in its 12th edition, will open its doors to the public on the 5th of October.