proces de selecció

“Procés de selecció”

Interpretation: from the Rehearsal Room to Stage, of UAB’s Aula de Teatre, directed by Arnau Vidal, prresents “Procés de selecció”, a comedy by Christopher Bollas, located in an inhospitable office of an indeterminate company, where a woman carries out a recruitment process.

Nits al Castell: Poetry Slam

Listen, laugh, applaud, be thrilled with the poems and words that will fill, for one night, the courtyard of Montjuïc Castle, opening the cycle Nits al Castell 2019.

The jester of King Lear

"El Bufó del Rei Lear", one of the most charismatic characters in the work of Shakespeare, brings us his version of English tragedy par excellence. Sarcastic, sneaky and mocking, the Buffoon of the King tells the fierce struggles of power from his critical and satirical perspective.

Tap Jam in Parc de la Ciutadella

You will be able to enjoy the footsteps of the dancers in this Tap Jam, who with their strength and originality, freshness and spontaneity accompany the sunny Sunday afternoons.