Water, a unfiltered exhibition

The exhibition arises in the context of the International Decade for Action – Water for Sustainable Development and in the framework of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and sanitation for all by 2030. In an appealing and positive tone, it invites to enter, explore and discover the many facets of the availability and use of water on our planet. The 29 interactive exhibits engage the visitors in a call to action, inspiring them to commit for a future with water for all. The 4 thematic areas of the exhibition explore the contrast between life with and without access to water. Key messages such as the concept of water footprint, the importance of adequate sanitation, the increasing relevance of efficient water management measures in cities, and the crucial role of water in ecosystems and biodiversity are addressed throughout the exhibition. Check admission fees here.


When: from 15/02/2024 to 16/02/2025

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Where: Pl. Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5, parc del Fòrum. Barcelona