Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, has always encouraged closer contact between cities and international projection at all levels. Barcelona is a beautiful Mediterranean city, with 2,000 years of history behind it, open and friendly to visitors. Its commercial, productive and creative talent has given the city its dynamic and modern character.

Barcelona, the South Gate of Europe, hosts one of the largest university communities, made up of 181,376 students and 18,953 professors, spread over eight universities and with an offer of 366 bachelor’s degrees, 462 masters and 206 doctorates (20-21 year data).

In its 500 years of university history, Barcelona has committed itself to offering quality as well as tradition in its university offer. The Catalan university system depends on the Ministry of Research and Universities, since the Spanish legal framework allows the Catalan government, the Generalitat de Catalunya, to exercise control over education. The most important aspects over which the Department has jurisdiction are: university programming, the creation of new public universities, as well as the recognition of private universities, the approval of public university statutes, the programming and implementation of new studies and research activities and the preparation, approval and control of university budgets.