UPF is a public, international and research-intensive university. Founded in 1990, it has quickly earned a place for itself among the best universities in Europe.

The University, which has three campuses located in the heart of Barcelona, specializes in the following fields: Medicine and life sciences, Economics and business, Political and social sciences, Law, Humanities, Translation and language sciences, Communication, and Engineering and ICT.

High-quality teaching and outstanding research
UPF is committed to offering high-quality, comprehensive, student-centred learning. The success of this model is proved by different indicators such as the high satisfaction rate among UPF graduates.

UPF is also a research intensive university. Accordingly, it ranks among the top 20 European universities with the largest number of competitive projects funded by the European Research Council and it is the most productive university in Spain according to several national rankings (BBVA Foundation or the CyD Foundation).

International vocation
UPF and Barcelona share a cosmopolitan character and open-minded view of the world. Actually, the University’s international profile starts with its faculty; most of them have extensive international experience or are directly recruited abroad. This policy has helped to make UPF a multilingual university with three working languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) for both teaching and research. As a result, all doctoral programmes and a wide range of master’s programmes can be fully or partially taken in English, as can an everincreasing percentage of undergraduate-level coursework.

The University also offers the Barcelona International Summer School (BISS), which is a flagship programme to advance the curriculum of both domestic and international undergraduate students during the summer term in Barcelona.

General information

University Information (PIE)

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International Relations Service
Mobility and Reception Office

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